1967 Gibson ES-335

1967 Gibson ES-335, semi-hollow body, cherry red with floating bridge, f-holes, tune-o-matic saddle, 22 nickel-frets, rosewood fingerboard with rectangular mother-of-pearl inlay, single strip binding throughout (except headstock). 3-way toggle switch for 2 PAF humbuckers. This guitar speaks for itself. High output with tone galore, a guitar that plays itself and can do the jazz gig with the best of em. Mr. 335, Larry Carlton and fellow west-coaster Lee Ritenour (Captain Fingers) both utilized this fat-toned Gibson for Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan and countless others + tv and film scores aplenty. A truly versatile bird that can sing blues notes and chord bursts like no other. A unique and totally desirable sound in all possible positions, but when in the rhythm mode with the tone knob rolled down...watch out! With some distortion, this baby rocks the soul. Clapton in several incarnations yanked on the neck and caressed the body for maximum blues rock power. As did fellow Brit-Rocker Alvin Lee. Nevermind the countless blues legends and a killer representation by Keith Richards and Mick Taylor on Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, 1969 live! It's ability to twang is everpresent with the bridge pickup jumping out at you. Clean or dirty, an awesome tool for expression. How about Eric Johnson on "Zap"! ...Man!

Specs: 1967 Gibson ES-335, cherry red with floating bridge.
Tone: Unbelievable tone all over.
Looks: A big red bird ready to fly. Breathtaking.
Feel: A change for the solid-body picker, but a taste easily acquirable.
Needs: Bigsby!
Quirks: The floating bridge leaves a ringiness to the sound which can be liked or disliked. The stop-tailpieces of the earlier models and the classic dot-inlay are more sought after. Whatever!
History: Clapton, Carlton, Eric Johnson, Alvin Lee, blues legends, soul, funk, even country! Pre-Norlin models (up to '68) get the better rap.
Desirability: Pre-Norlin era with orange label. Stop tailpiece and dots would mean an older model worth considerably more. Watched market jump when Clapton was found playing a 335 on the Back to the Cradle release! Whatever!