1986 Fender "Red Knob" "The Twin" Amp

1986 Fender "Red Knob Twin", 2 12" Fender speakers. Tube amp w/silver/grey grille on black. First year of release with push-pull feature on every available knob. Dual channel and reverb on/off controlled with footswitch. Hi-Low power modes available at power up with 3-way on/off control. Choose 25 or 85 watts RMS. Tubes include 4 6L6's, 2 12AX7's. Spring reverb. This bedazzling Fender entry was "first off the line" in '85 and faired very well for Fender during some otherwise lean times. A classic Twin sound with bells and whistles, its delivery of all that tone came at a price. Not cheap and not at all on the light side, this amp weighed a ton but projected amazing sound for miles. The much desired Hendrix rhythm tones are all here. Plus a foot controlled channel switching cicuit gave you the raw drive akin to the Dual Showman line with distortion rivalling Marshall in pleasure-factor. Sustain for days and a clean sound from the crisp Fender blueprint, we have it all here, all contained in one heavy as hell combo amplifier. A precursor to the real pre-CBS line of vintage retro amps the new company was to unleash with incredible success right through the 90's and into the future.

Tone: Clean or dirt or somewhere in between, you get to pick the best from both worlds. Did somebody say Tubes?
Appearance: This ain't no SUV. It's big, it's heavy, it's rugged, especially with those 4 casters underneath the chassis. Were talking 4x4 full-size truck. Chicken knobs in red give it further 'tude
Needs/wants: A back brace for the gigs or a built in dolly. Otherwise, nothing needed in my world, except a late 60's strat maybe?
Quirks: The distance needed to accurately capture the amps true tone is about a quarter-mile down the road. Distance miking recommended
History: A true to its heritage entry in a line from Leo that changed RnR history
Desirability: Definitely moving on vintage and sounding that way too. I want one!