1949 Fender Champ 600 Amp

1949 Fender Champ 600, tv front with 1 6" Jensen speaker. Brown cover and grille cloth, 3 tubes including 1 6V6. Total output: 3 Watts. With only 4 years of production and designed as a student model amp in response to the lap steel craze of the post-war 40's, this amp delivers a class-A type tone with all but 1 volume knob. That it goes to 12 is a wonderful addition to what must be one of the simplest amps ever created. At volumes of 6 and above, it yields a progressively crunchier distortion which suits well for mic'ed recordings utilizing the famous Clapton Fender Strat/Champ sounds of the 70's. This little combo kicks butt and emits a beautiful tone just shy of saturation, between 4 and 5 on the single pointer knob. Thank-you Leo!

Tone: beautiful class-A tone, clean to dirty, classic Fender tone.
Appearance: teeny, tiny, mean and sometimes nasty, pre-tweed!
Needs/wants: nothing to change here, simplicity at its' finest.
Quirks: has tendency to break up nicely at low volumes!
History: the beginnings of history changing sounds. A perfect starting point to build on.
Desirability: a forties Fender? A mark in history. Highly desirable. A 10. (or 12!)

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