1964 Fender Stratocaster

1964 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst finish. Killer pre-CBS axe with fat tone from L-series design (fatter tone). Clay dots on rosewood fingerboard, 5-way toggle switch installed for "out-of-phase" settings (Knopfler/Clapton), this guitar delivers a mean tone across the entire stratosphere of sounds. From silky smooth to tight punchiness all the way to bright heavenly bridge pick-up bark, this beauty sounds the balls. A superb representation of a heritage that won't quit, this L-series strat does it all from surf to country-twang to soul. From blues to rock with an attitude to creamy psychedelia, there's no 2nd. Play it clean, with an edge or wide open, this guitar responds like a 911 and delivers the goods in style. One of the most toneful instruments ever, this guitar is at the top of the heap.

Specs: 1964 pre-CBS L-series, 3 single-coil pick-ups, standard strat. 21 jumbo frets.
Tone: huge array of tonal scapes
Looks: spaghetti logo looks better when original! A dream with full red and yellow melting into dark brown and black! The neck feels mint and the headstock displays extra-curly maple.
Feel: Exquisite feel to match the heavenly tone. Perfect balance and dig that patented contour-body! jumbo frets replacing original thinner wire.
Needs/wants: nuttin.
Quirks: One or two upper register notes seem to jump out at you, uneven "ping-like" bell-tone, great for peaking solos! No seperate tone knob for bridge pick-up.
History: From 1954 to this day, a pioneer in it's field with but few peers. Buddy Holly and Buddy Guy, what more can be said?
Desirability: L-series and pre-CBS with spaghetti logo make this a 10. Extra curly aesthetically wonderful neck and awesome body color, great shape and perfect tone. A must have!


With Memory Man analog delay/chorus

With early-50's Fender Champ 600 amp

...this sonic explosion, the combination of a '60's Strat and a Fender Champ, defined rock history. It's about time that we put these two classic instruments together...