1964 Fender Super Reverb Amp

1964 Fender Super Reverb amp with 4X10" speaker configuration. A classic "combo" amp (head and speaker as one unit) this pre-CBS black-face Super typifies the change in Fender amps swinging for a more clean tone versus the early break-up and distortion of it's predecessors. 40 Watts output thru all-tube circuitry provide the warmth and brilliance so desirable of this era amplifier. With 2 seperate inputs and 2 jacks available in each stage, "Normal" and "Vibrato", a brite switch is offered in each as well giving this amp a fiesta of tonal color. The classic reverb tank and vibrato with speed and intensity knobs available in the 2nd input offer the definitive rock sounds harnessed by players doing country, R&B, blues and Rock and Roll; all kinds of aural possibilities await the imagination. This amp begins to break up around 6 (with a 1-10 range) and though only 40 watts are available, the amp shakes the room without any trouble. A great advantage with the Super Reverb over older Fenders is the possibility of cranking up the volume and retaining that fat Fender tone without clipping. A great stage amp as well as for recording, this amp stakes a claim in the history books of music- making! A true classic.

Specs: 1964 Fender Super Reverb amp, 4X10" Fender speakers in a combo amp package with 40 watts. All tubes including 6L6 and 12AX7's. Reverb and tremelo with controls on front panel. 2 channel input with total of 4 inputs, Brite switches for each channel. Tilt-back side legs. Footswitch for reverb and tremelo effects (on/off). Black tolex with silver grille- cloth.
Tone: versatile with tube warmth, remarkably clean yet capable of mean saturation.
Appearance: excellent condition, with slight dulling on silver cloth.
Needs/wants: a distortion pedal to go along with!
Quirks: tubes can act up and break down, otherwise, very reliable.
History: seen in the hands of such Telemasters as Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanon, also popular with blues harp players live.
Desirability: For a clean vintage amp, nothing compares. A must have.


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