Korg G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator

Korg Toneworks G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator, circa 1995. a/c powered. Faithfully replicates the sounds of the spinning rotor and horns in a Leslie cabinet with variable distortion ala the Ibanez Tube Screamer all in one small, light floor unit with footswitch controls including effect bypass, gain, slow/fast and off, (which slows to a crawl before sitting still yet still delivering the funky distinctive tone). Hit the off button again and slowly reach the resumed speed setting. Color- coded lights tell you what's activated. Save function allows storage of favorite settings. Separate buttons allow for individual settings for acceleration of rotor, speed of horn, balance between the two plus mic placement settings including: distance (on mic/off mic) and spread (narrow or wide) with ultra cool drawings to graphically depict options. Input and output knobs for suitable level setting plus peak indicator and stereo ins and outs! Move that sound around the room baby!

Sound: Cool Leslie sounds from small versatile floor unit.
Looks: nice graphics amid brown/black housing kinda plastic-y in texture
Pros/cons: Gives guitar signal a bit of a compressed touch which can be undesirable. Nice distortion built in and groovy off switch.
Desirability: Not in production today so could be a sought-after unit as time goes by.  
Over-all: more than does the job.

Korg MP3's:

'64 Fender Strat through a Marshall 30th Anniversary, Direct-out.

Fast setting, with Mutron Bi-Phase..

Slow setting with Mutron Bi-Phase.

With gain.



Gibson '77 Les Paul, Direct-in, Clean
Here's the Korg in the context of a song:

1986 Jackson Strat, Marshall 30th Anniversary, Crunch