1970 Leslie Model 16 Rotating Speaker Cabinet

1970 Leslie Model 16 rotating speaker cabinet, 2 speeds with footswitch, 60
watts, black with silver/blue grille cloth and side cloth ports (on both sides). Single speaker input jack. Crossover cable out supplied. Fender CBS in conjunction with Leslie, this speaker cabinet utilizes a spinning styrofoam part to produce great rotating speaker sound with adjustable 2 speed operation. Similar to the tone of a wooden Leslie cab but a ton lighter in weight, this model was a favorite of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Unit must be powered by a seperate amp. Perfect combinations would include Super Reverbs, Vibroverbs, Twins etc. for the ultimate in Fender sound.

Specs: Leslie model 16 speaker rotating cabinet, 2-speed operation (slow and fast, both rates pre-adjustable @ + - ~ 20 %)
Tone: Dependent upon master power amp but big on mid-range and funky side ports allow for cool mic placement and effects. Recommend seperating master amp across the room for great doubling effect.
Appearance: Black faced with speaker grille having silver and blue lines, glittery, totally 60's. Leslie badge is silver, Fender-y and with a god-awful letter L! Side speaker ports are way cool. Closed back with removable panel exposing the motor, connectors to the crossover and that styrofoam spinning object! 1000 times lighter than the real deal!
Needs/wants: internal power and overdrive, drawbars and pedals!
Quirks: recommended that you allow 10 seconds between speed switches which can obviously hamper the possibilities. Other choice is to ignore that advice!
History: Angelo Mysterioso (George Harrison) on bridge to Claptons "Badge", Hendrix on "Little Wing", Danny Gatton on
"Ugly Man", SRV live and in the studio...
Desirability: Highly sought after and growing every year as availability
decreases. (supply and demand baby!)