1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold-Top with flying trapeze bridge and 2 P-90 pick-ups. The first year ever made, this guitar has no serial number! It's a prototype whose future was yet to be known. Played by Les and Mary Ford, in a few short years, these mahogony/maple-top heavyweights were to become the classic rock axe. Sustain galore and heavy in comparison to the competition, these solid-bodies were built initially for primarily jazz usage. The gold-top finish checking and cracking only slightly, adding a sense of history to its overall appeal. The tone is big coming out of the P-90's with a distinct Les Paul sound apparent with the later use of humbucking P.A.F.'s. Just a fraction thinner sounding, yet just as meaty, this 40-something year-old has plenty of tone to go around. The honky nasal combination of both pick-ups activated simultaneously emits an early Page crunch ala "Out on the Tiles". The neck position by itself is very fat and warm with a smooth agedness whereas the bridge is unusually brite yet characteristic of a PAF with fullness of tone. High dome knobs larger than its offspring and that bizarre bridge give this guitar a look both unique and special to its heritage. Truly a first in the line.

Specs: 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top w/ no serial number. 2 P-90 pick-ups, 22 frets, flying trapeze bridge.
Tone: Similar to PAF's though slightly thinner and funkier. Great, versatile sound machine with classic sustain and warmth.
Look: Totally funky bridge, worn-in mother-of-pearl in-lay, desirable cracking and checking in gold finish, mahagony back unfinished.
Feel: Fast frets on a fat bodied Gibson give this thing a feel of the past, yet similar to a modern version.
Needs/wants: aspirin supply for back pain due to weight load on players back.
Quirks: Less a players guitar than a collectors with the bridge (discontinued late in '52) that obstructs natural picking stance. Palm-muting is all-but impossible.
History: Where it all began
Desirability: 1st year Les Paul with classic tones and a great look in gold, a 10 by all means.