Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Head

Don't let the size of this picture fool you. This Marshall model 6100 30th Anniversary with 3 channels, fully switchable, separate EQ for each stage, is a big BIG sound, with all the history in one head. Presence control, master volume, effects level, rear send and returns, pentode and triode settings, midi control. Where to start! Channel 1 is called clean and with a bright switch and a mid shift push switch, the tones range from a JTM 45 through the spectrum to a warm and full Super Lead. Separate EQ rounds out a true recreation of the top Marshall sounds. Channel 2 or crunch has more tonal variation than many amps in total! Low gain natural tube (valve) distortion sounds like a JTM 45. With the push of the mode switch to B, the amp imparts the crunch of a 1959 Super Lead or early Master Volume. C provides drive rivalling the JCM 900 master vol. amps. WOW! Channel 3 is the standard for tone. Like the Crunch channel, this stage contains gain control as well as a gain boost and contour switch affecting mid-range frequencies. Perfect overdrive capabilities. In a word: MONSTROUS!

Specs: 100W switchable to 50 or 25 (Pentode or triode). All tubes with Marshall 5881 valves. 3 channel switching with seperate EQ. Presence and Effects level plus master volume.
Tone: stupendous versatility emulating the top Marshall amps from 1962 on!
Appearance: Classic Marshall head design with beer barrel knobs, easy access to controls and back panel settings.
Needs/wants: some reverb!
Quirks: too many bells and whistles! Hell for a repairman!
History: Still offered, this top-of-the-line head delivers the classic
sounds of the 60's 70's and 80's.
Desirability: A batch of history waiting in one souped up package. Not yet vintage but having all the vintage sounds inside. The real deal.


MP3's: featuring the 1967 Gibson ES 335

featuring the 1964 Fender Stratocaster

featuring the '52 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top