1995 Valley Arts Custom Pro Bent-S

1995 Valley Arts Custom Pro Bent-S, handmade with birds-eye maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Alder body with quilted-maple top "bent" over. 2 single-coil Duncan S-1 pickups with the middle being wound backwards, bridge p/up a humbucking Duncan JB. 2-octave 24-fret board with jumbos. Floyd Rose/Kahler/Valley Arts combo vibrato system with locking nut. 7/8th scale! A high-end guitar with the finest quality parts hand-made in California by a small company (prior to Samick buyout*). What else could one want in a guitar?! Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather "axe of choice" in the late 80's-90's, their own models available too. This guitar produces the finest tones from the 5-way toggle switch and is yearning for a variety of amps to coax the sounds with. A stunning body and headstock delivering the most responsive feel ever. The JB puts it over the top adding that final punch and killin tone. The whammy will do all you ask of it and stay perfectly in tune. No qualms here. A true piece of quality craftmanship. (* Now owned and operated by Gibson in Nashville, TN!!)

Specs: Valley Arts Custom Pro Bent-S strat with 2 Duncan S-1 singles and 1 JB humbucker, 24 jumbo frets, alder quilted maple, birds-eye maple neck, ebony board. Combo V.Arts/Kahler and F. Rose whammy system w/ locking nut.
Tone: Exquisite Duncan tone all the way through.
Look: Stunning appearance with gold-hardware against purple/brown quilted maple body, a babe.
Feel: Finest responsiveness ever! Quick!
Needs: nuttin'.
Quirks: Whammy will offset pitch until it's jerked once to regain set position. No big deal.
History: A relatively new company who made an instrument Larry Carlton loved. What more can be said.
Desirability: Only time will tell. Samick buy-out should increase value of California made releases.