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I found your page in a search for info on Fender Super Reverb amps using AltaVista. My compliments to you on a very cool, literate, and artful page and great licks with tasteful tone! Yours is one of the first sites I've found that puts the sound behind the vintage gear aura.

Dave Z

from New York


Firstly, let me tell you that I greatly appreciate the work that you've done. I've been looking for a site that shows off the potential of various "famous" guitars for a while and yours is the first one I've found. Most likely, it is the only one of its kind!!

The riff that interests me the most is the Strange Liquid Blues.

I have a few questions that I hope that you can answer:

1. Is Microvibe a pedal that I can buy?
2. Do you use the whammy bar at all in this riff?
3. That vibrating noise at the beginning of the riff, is that hammering on and pulling off repeatedly?

Thanks a lot!! Keep up the good work.



from Perth, Australia

(From Cam: I have received many emails from people since undertaking this crazy website... Thank you!!

In answer to your excellent questions:

1. Yes! You can either buy the Microvibe unit which I used on the lick Strange Liquid Blues by contacting the builder direct. His name is JC and his website is , or call him at 978-927-FIXT (3498). He not only builds guitars and effects, he also repairs gear and is very good. OR, you can go to Jim Dunlop's webpage and buy a model called the Univibe. http://

2. No. The guitar is equipped with a whammy but it was not attached!

3. Yes!! I am trilling the 2 notes repeatedly and with the microvibe and some distortion... well it does sound kind of cool doesn't it!?)


Could you send me a correct technical draw about a Fender Telecaster 3 saddle vintage bridge? Width, height, sizes etc. Thank you for advance.

Best regards


from Hungary


I just wanted to thank you for the great article on the Mutron Bi Phasors.Luckily I have two brand new ones in the original boxes with all the operations manuals and templates decals and spec sheets.I used to sell them at my music store in Delano,Ca about 30 miles north of Bakersfield.I still haven't heard anything like them.They were built very well.I suspect one of my favorite guitarists Robin Trower used one.I also have a Vox Tone Bender made in Italy which I bought brand new in 1967 and it still works.

All the best,

Glenn P.

from California


I really love your site with all the different varieties. I'm a recent owner of a Matchless DC/30 (94) I love it. Still dialing it in. Changing the tubes and getting some different pickups in my strat. What kind of tubes are in your Chieftain? Also do you have any soundclips of the G&L through the Matchless. Just curious what that might sound like.


Dante P.

from USA

Hi Cameron,

I've searched under"Fender Super Reverb" and got to your site . Great work, and a great source for aspiring young musicians ( and older who missed some good basics...).

Thanks for your time. Best regards,

Homesick Mac

from Sweden

hey...great page....great sounds.....thanks..

Jamie S.

from Norfolk, VA

Hey Cam,

How's it going? I like your site; really great concept...I found the riff library. They sound great! Nice ideas, as well... Those are some axes on there! One thing on your website that I have to mention, for what it's worth: I noticed that on your Super (Fender Super Reverb amp), you read "Vibrato" right from the amp. Keep in mind that Fender confused Vibrato and Tremelo: Vibrato being fluctuations of pitch, while Tremelo is fluctuations of loudness. Fender incorrectly put "vibrato" on the tremelo amps and "tremelo" on the guitar's vibrato bar. This has screwed up many young guitar players, resulting in years of therapy...I feel much better now, having gotten that off my chest ... have fun.


from Boston, USA

(From Cam: Thanks for sharing that pertinent info! Maybe it will save future generations from "the sofa"...)

...thanks for your help. After sending my mail, i 've been in a music shop in strasbourg (named music shop ), and i bouhgt a pandora xr3 by korg for 1290 FF. ( 260 $). It's better than a rockman, and i can play with my electric guitar again. I found your mail while i was doing a research with google with the words rockman or tom sholz ... i like tricky, larry carlton, mcsolar, lee ritenour, miles davis, robben ford, plastic man, and the music that we are playing here with my friends !

Thank you !


from France

(in a second correspondence, Pierre wrote back stating: "...well, this time i've got to study my english book to understand what you wrote ; this may takes the week-end !! so long !")

Matchless.htm gives more than the average player needs. It's truly for hardcore fans! The riffs have their own distinct flavor and the quality really is great. Not to mention an appealing interface...maybe you could add a section containing transcriptions to some of these riffs, whatever is most popular to the listeners. But no beef here! Great site!

Best regards

Yan C

From Beijing, China


First I'd like to tell you I really enjoy your site. Very pro looking. I was browsing the web searching for some info about the Leslie 16. I bought one for Dutch Guilder 200,- (that's US$ 100) en was wondering if you could tell me what's the value of the Leslie 16 these days. (No way I'm gonna sell it though...I love it).

Thanks in advance,


the Netherlands

Caught your page surfing this evening. I believe that in '49 these amps were two-tone Leatherette. I have a '49 and have enclosed a pict. You most likely have a '50 or '51. Thought you might want to be a bit more accurate.


from Alaska

(From Cam: Thanks for the input. We stand corrected!)

Inkommet fr=E5n PETER

Hi Cameron, just want to say that I think that your valley arts Custom Pro is beutiful...... I have two Custom Pro's.

Kind regards,

Peter (from Sweden)


Great Site! I loved the opportunity to here some of the classic sounds of "yesteryear." LOL.

I'm a big fan of Rush, particularly of their guitarist, Alex Lifeson. Been following his tone for many years now...I knew Alex had endorsed and actually used Gallien-Krueger products, particularly the 250 ML (which I noticed is also on your site!) and the 2000CPL stereo preamp...

Play on...



Keep 'em coming. We'll post 'em here for all to see.

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