Guitars Amps & Cabinets Effects

Fender, Telecaster Thinline, 1971 Fender, Champ 600 Amp, 1949 Dunlop CryBaby Wah Wah Pedal*
Fender,Stratocaster, 1964 Fender, Super Reverb Amp, 1964 Scholz Rockman X100
G&L ASAT, 1994* Fender "Red Knob The Twin", 1986 Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
Gibson, ES-335, 1967 Gallien-Krueger, 250 ML Mk II Korg Rotary Speaker Simulator*
Gibson L7, 1959 Gibson, GA-40 Les Paul Amp, 1961 Marveltone Distortion Sustainer, by Targ & Dinner
Gibson, Les Paul, 1952 Leslie, Rotating Speaker Cab., 1970 Electro- Harmonix Memory Man, Solid State Echo Chorus
Gibson, Les Paul Standard, 1977 Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Maestro EchoPlex, Solid State Tape-Based Echo
Jackson, Strat, 1986* Matchless Chieftain
PRS Custom 22 1995* Roland, JC 120, 1986
Valley Arts, Custom Pro Bent-S, 1995*

* Yah, we know these aren't exactly "vintage," but we're playing them through vintage amps. BTW: They're hard to find, so if you have any cool gear, old or new, let us know. we'll consider them for inclusion...

We try to keep adding to this list every week, so please come back often!